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Past Landlord -Equity Residential sent me to Collection Agency

I broke my lease to move to California for family reason and I was unable to pay the $2000 fee. 


I lived in Boston before I moved to California.   My ex landlord in Boston was Equity Residential


Equity Residential sent me to collection company and now i owe them $3000 which was posted on my credit report.   


My situation was that I was unable to find a job in California and I just now moved back to New England.   For some reason, I was able to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in  Providence RI.   I guess the  rent collection was not posted on my credit report at the time my current landlord  checked my credit.  Otherwise, they would not rent me a place.


My question is, if I contact the collection agency  to make the payment, will I be able to rent a place in Boston after the payment is made?