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Re: Is there anything I can do to change this???

You mistyped the abbreviations.  It is DV and PFD. Check out the Common Abbreviations link llecs posted. DV is debt validation.  A timely DV letter will require a debt collector to cease collection activity until they provide the required response (which really isn't that much).  Run a search for DV or debt validation and you'll get all the details. 


PFD is pay for delete.  It's basically a contractual agreement that the creditor/collection agency (CA) will delete negative information in exchange for payment of the debt.  There are issues in negotiating a PFD.  For example, if the debt is still inside the statute of limitations, you want to be careful sending a PFD unless you are able to pay the full amount as you could be sued on the debt.  Again, if you run a search for PFD, you should find lots of threads.  You can also run searches in the rebuilding forum for PFD and [name of CA] to see which CAs are more likely to agree to PFD.  If you can't find anything, post about the specific CA and people will share their experiences, if any. 

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