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Bayview says "our records do not indicate your loan has been reported late" but IT WAS

Hi has anybody experienced this?


I have 6 lates with my mortgage servicer, Bayview financial/.

May 2012: 60 days late

June 2012: 90 days late

Jul 2012: 60 days last

Aug 2012: 60 days late

Sep 2012: 90 days late

Oct 2012: 60 days late


Mortgage is now current.


The reason for this, is because I was in a program called "Keep your home california" which is an unemployment mortgage insurance program that paid my mortgage, but not on time.  Bayview charged me late fees, but backed them out when I exited the program as a sort of cleanup exercise so I never paid any lates.  According to KYHC, *people are not supposed to incur late fees* in the program.


Bayview reported me late though, and Experian and Equifax show it.  Transunion does not, for some reason.


I contacted my loan officer at Bayview, she said I should not be reported late, and I disputed the lates on Equifax and Experian.  Both disputes came back as 

"The prior paying history on this account has been updated. This creditor has verified to OUR company that the current status is being reported correctly."   So, no change after disputing, still a bunch of lates.


Then I wrote Bayview and they wrote a letter back saying "Our records do not indicate your loan has been reported late to the credit bureaus.  Please provide us with a copy of your credit report as it pertains to Bayview.  We will review it and make any necessary adjustments if warranted".


Now I have pulled my credit reports and send them back to Bayview for them to clean this up.  Has this ever happened to anybody else?  It seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, what a hassle!