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Re: 800 LOAN MART and personal loan experience :(

dddfresh wrote:
Update...I took my lowes credit card and bought $750 in gift cards which I sold online and got $680 cash for. Then as suggested, I went to progreso financerio and was approved for a $1600 loan within 10hours. Ill pay $140/month for 13 months. Total of $220 interest if I wait the 13 months. I cannot even believe I was almost THAT GUY who got trapped into the modern day loan sharks. I never once thought to myself that it was a good idea, so I know im not stupid, was just in a desparate spot.
As far as the progreso financeria loan, it is a little odd for me because it is aimed at the hispanic community and I am not hispanic and dont speak spanish. However, everyone has been very friendly and we laugh it off.
The loan comes on a debit card immediately or you can wait a week for a paper check. Im picking up the debit card tomorrow and they say you can take $500 cash out at a time.
I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Thank you all again Smiley Happy

I am so Glad it all worked out of you Smiley Happy   All will go well for you, Just have faith !!!

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