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Excessive inquiries

I found this forum while searching Google about excessive credit inquries.


My wife and I applied for credit at a furniture store right after Christmas.  They had a no interest, no down payment offer going.  We were denied when the store ran our credit.  Her score is around 775 and mine is around 725.  


We got letters in the mail this week from one of the CRAs (I assume that stands for credit reporting agency).  It listed our credit score and said something about excessive inquiries.  We did refinance our house and closed in the middle of December, and I traded my car on December 26th and financed a truck.  I know those are "hard" inquries and don't help, but I didn't think that two hard inquries in December would hurt our ability to get credit that badly.  Plus, shouldn't it only count as one hard credit pull if the car dealer or the mortgage company pulled it a few times in one day looking for the best rate?