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Trying to get a mortgage and my score went down!!!

I made the mistake of paying a $50 parking ticket that was on my report. The company said they automatically delete it after payment. Yea right. I called They told me to just dispute it and it will come off.  I hope it does. My experian. Is 612 and Transunion is 669. Why such a big discrepancy??? I have 2 late payments that are 11 months old. months month will it not count as much. I need 28 points by next month. I have one credit card with a 300 dollar limit  and a 0 balance. I am 1500 away from 50 percent below my original balance on my car. Will getting this below 50 percent boost my score a little. I really hope they remove that collection.  Anyone have any ideas????

Starting Score: 589
Current Score: 626
Goal Score: 850

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