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Re: Trying to get a mortgage and my score went down!!!

The car loan won't make a difference. Installment utilization is a tiny part of FICO scoring, otherwise we would all get dinged for years following the addition of a large mortgage because it would take a while to pay it down.


I'm saying there is something else on your two reports aside from the lates that is draining your score. Tri-merge reports from lenders can be a bit tricky to read. I strongly recommend pulling your reports from somewhere and study them. Your FICO reports from here (you can only get EQ and TU, and not EX) will show any accounts that are a drain on your FICO score via a red flag on the Accounts page. That might be worth looking at too. I can see a scenario where the lates would knock your scores down that low if they were within the past few months. Or your score being that low if the lates were major like a 90+ or worse. Absent these two scenarios, something else is happening.