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SCAM ALERT! Tell your kids!
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SCAM ALERT!  Tell your kids!


Many colleges and universities have dedicated Job Boards for students whereby they can login and apply for jobs.  These dedicated Job Boards only give job-applying access to students who have an affiliation with that particular college/university.  However, any employer (or Scam Artist) or anyone acting as an employer may Post jobs on these dedicated Job Boards.  And the criteria to Post jobs are fairly lax and Posters often go unverified.


Here is the SCAM:


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The Job Postings are always the same guy, using the same name, and using the same email address on these dedicated Job Boards for students.  I guess "his" MO is to prey after the young, innocent-minded / naive college kids and those looking for work.  The Job Posting ALWAYS has something to do with Country Clubs and Golf Courses / Golf Clubs.  


A typical posting is a sales position with these Country Clubs and Golf Courses / Golf Clubs doing sales and renewals for memberships.


Here is word for word a Job Posting from “him”:


“We need help calling our golf club members to ask them to renew their annual membership. Our members are very loyal and these will be warm and easy calls to make. Commission and bonuses available. We offer paid training and very convenient hours.”



The posting asks the job seeker to send an email with resume to the email address above.  Once sent, an auto-reply message is sent from: asking to click on a link and reveal more information (SSN and etc).


Here is the auto-reply message that the job seeker gets from :



Thanks for your interest. We are working with Sales Team on this particular campaign. Could I ask you to please fill out an application via their website Note - this will require you to record a 15-20second introduction to yourself.


Could you also reply and let me know the email you use to sign up (so I can find you). Let's chat after you've done that.




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Please Tell your Kids NOT to apply to these kind of jobs.


Please do a Google search on “edited” or his email and you will see job posting after job posting. This scam will harm your kids’ credit!