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Re: HP for DirectTV and phone company, dayum

I talked to DirectTV this morning.  The lady was great.  I basically filed a dispute with DTV explaiining how I was told by the rep that it would be a soft pull and not be reported/show up on any CRA.  I also explained how I am buying a house in the future and am trying to keep any additional inquiries from hitting my reports.

I also explained, had I known it was going to be a HP, that I would NOT have purchased their product.  I made sure she realized that for me,  buying a house and having my credit in the best shape possible, is more important than me saving $75 a month for DirectTV.  And that is the truth.  I would not have gotten DTV at the cost of 2 HP's.


She said WHEN, not if, I receive my letter of removal by DTV, that I need to call EQ and confirm that the inquiry had been removed.  She actually gave me the number for EQ that I have on file or use in these circumstances.  Could be the same number for everybody, but nonetheless, I accepted the number that she offered.