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Re: SCAM ALERT! Tell your kids!

llecs wrote:

ccnewcc wrote:

Libel an Identity Thief?  Libel a Scam Artist?


You GOT to be kidding, right?!!!????



First, we don't know who this "person" is or if this "person" works for a group, or if this is an American or a an Off Shore Scam.



And Shame on the the MOD who edited the name and the email being used.  SHAME!  This post was meant to be an alert, a heads up.



If this MOD really thinks that the ID thief is using their REAL NAME and REAL EMAIL, then I don't know want to say other than that it not the reality.



MODS:  You may, at any, come to your senses and unedit the post.




Hi ccnwewcc, I was the one that edited it. I don't give a flip if this guy feels libeled or not, or if his reputation as a scam artist (or not) is harmed in any way. We've always had the policy of editing out non-public figures' names and other identifying info like e-mails, phone numbers, etc. We aren't in the business of deciding whether or not this is a scam. It might very well be. But we get dozens of posts each week posting names and contact info and we don't have the resources or time to go through every single one to determine whether or not they are a spammer, scammer, or otherwise a swell guy. We would edit this post just like we'd edit out a post posting corporate contact info, scam or not.


I personally think it's a scam based on what you posted and left enough identifying info on the screen to alert others. If his e-mail has "canned" in it then very likely he's using the same canned e-mail with everyone. And anyone who happens by your post would easily identify their own e-mail as scam-related had they received one. I haven't been in college in 15 yrs+, but I remember those days of job postings. IME, they were all scams and time shouldn't be wasted on them, but I suppose scamming someone has been around as long as time itself.

Oh okay..haha i understand