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Re: SCAM ALERT! Tell your kids!

It's a very big problem and I certainly would encourage anyone getting out of college and into the realm of employment to avoid college job boards. Nothing beats good-ole-fashioned door knocking (calls, faxes, e-mails, etc., you get the picture). Back in 1997 when I was finishing up a good majority of the job postings presented by my university were potentially scam-related. I suppose it is easier now to "google" but definitely it's a criminal's market. 


On the flip-side, employees-to-be do a good deal of scamming too. Not too long ago I posted a job on the Washington Post for a position we needed filling. Probably about 10% of the applicants at least were scam artists whereby the past jobs in their resume were non-existent. Some even still had overseas telephone numbers from places of well-known scam-based countries, and would spam for months after the job posting with offers of this or that.