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Re: possible ID theft in progress new inquiry

gypsysoul wrote:

I received an alert the other day about a new inquiry on my credit reports.  I checked it out and apparently someone tried to apply for a cell phone account with Consumer Cellular. I did not do this so after i called consumer celluar and told them, i initiated a dispute, which came back verified. I called Consumer Cellular again explaining this and although no new account was granted with my info, someone did try to open an account. I am quite concerned about this. I just placed a fraud alert on EQ. but will this affect my tax refund or anything else? what are the disadvantages of a fraud alert?


Even if you put a fraud alert on your reports, it will not stop lenders from accessing your reports which will be HP's . The only way to stop the access is a security freeze on each of the 3 CB

The disadvantages of a FA  ! Is that when you apply for credit  you will have to verifier that's it you ( no instance discussion )

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