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Found out I have 13 months of 60 days late!!!
OK...I'm in the military and have moved a lot in past few years.  Because of this, I pay all of my bills online and receive statements from my bank that the payments are submitted.  I get little to no correspondence from my creditors about my accounts with them and have paid every one on a timely basis.  All of my accounts were up to date, so I thought. 
I recently found out that my car loan through Chase has been 60 days late for 13 months.  I never received notice about this from them or my bank.  They said they sent my account to collections, but no one has called me or even sent me anything in the mail.  I thought this was odd.  I called the collections department and the lady told me to bring my account up to date, so I made an extra payment and all should be fine she says.  I then ask her if they can remove the 13 months of late payments and the lady laughs and says they can probably do one.
I am really frustrated because we were planning on buying a house in a couple of months and now I'm sure my credit report is worthless.  I found out about this because my wife was calling Chase while I was gone for a while to find out about the payoff.
I want to pay off the loan, but I won't until they remove the 60 day notices from my report. All of my other accounts are fine with no late payments whatsoever.  I even found out that another creditor that I had a zero balance with cancelled my credit with them becuase of the adverse reporting on my credit report.
Anyone have any suggestions?   I have letters prepared for the 3 agencies to be mailed first thing Monday.