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Re: Fico score drop 150 points after correcting/disputing CR
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If the accounts were charged off before you filed for BK, then they can report them in charge off status. Balances must however show $0.
You are correct about util. Keep 'em all under 50%, under 35% is better particularly for a refi.
Date of your statement and the date they report to the bureaus might not be the same. Your statement might be on the 12th, payment due on the 23rd, but they might not report until the 3rd.
Looks like your current util is all under 30% (680 of 2300). $280 on CC1 would bring it's util down to 17.5%, same as CC2.
Alternatively, a $225 BT from CC1 to CC3 would keep them all under 20% util.

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