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Re: Fico score drop 150 points after correcting/disputing CR

bert57 wrote:
I'll let you know what happens. Just another little detail. I have 2 CC which show my credit score. Wamu yesterday showed my previous 650 score today shows 617. Where Juniper CC which I just opene 2 weeks back and transfered 2000 balance at lower interest is the score showing 506, also when up today to 534. Juniper score is called a Trans risk score. Is this the same as a Fico score? It seems both are using Transunion. Very confusion stuff. Before having any idea how credit scores worked my score seemed to hovering around 650 for the last year. Now that I thought I had learned some things. I have seemed to out smarted myself. All this comes at a time when I wanted to refi and take equity out of my home for 2 reasons. One to lesson and consolidate 1st and 2nd loan. Two to use equity to buy investment properties I recently been checking into. Looks like I'll have to wait while longer.
I have one question is the information on keeping credit balances under 35% the way to go to help bring down Fico scores?

Try to keep them under 30%.  BTW that score you see on Juniper is not actually a FICO score.  Its actually some sort of skewed Transrisk score that only considers bankcard info (and that's majors) for good points but considers everything for bad.  My score is 611 whereas my real FICO is closer to 700. 
The higher the score the less the likelihood of you declaring bankruptcy or so it goes.  That 611 seems to put me on the high end of good.  go figure