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Re: Fico score drop 150 points after correcting/disputing CR
I'll give you a for-instance so you can see just what happens with all these cc reporting agencies-we are stuck with!----- I received a notification that my employer's laptops were STOLEN-and that we should  IMMEDIATELY CLOSE all our accounts and open new ones. Well, I did, as my identity was compromised--THAT ACTION-caused my credit score to PLUNGE 116 points!!!!!!!! The WHOLE idea of having my credit information reported every month sickens me-
 I am working on fixing this problem-however--the credit bureaus are not reliable-even tho they claim to be!!!!! This has been a problem since Jan 07, and here it is-APRIL-and nothing has been done yet-to clearify this matter-so, don't be dissapointed if your stuff isn't reported soon-it's a LONG haul---