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Re: Never Be Late, Ever

Noah_Bodie wrote:

Never be late, ever. That should be one of your mantras.

Never be late, ever. Say it with me.

Never be late, ever.

I agree 110% - I will never be late again - ever. 
When I bought my house in 04 I knew my credit was bad (1st mort @ 9%, & a 2nd mort @ 10% - how's THAT for BAD), and thought that if I paid on time my credit would probably go up , yeah right, but it would take 30+ years with all the baddies on there.  But at least I paid that mortgage on time.  I didn't start working on my credit scores till about 3 mo's ago but very glad I have the Excellent mortgage tradelines on the credit reports. 
I now pay everything on time, even sooner.  Love my online banking at BoA.  It helps organize and be on time.  I recently took out a $1000 personal loan at my credit union, I wanted to pay it off early and they said ok but wanted me to pay at least for 6 months.  So I set up in BoA my auto pmts to pay twice a month for 3 months, then a lump sum for the payoff.  So easy, just punch it in and it takes care of itself. 
I used to be awful at bill paying, now I'm in my bank accounts almost every day. 
Never be late, ever  - Good advice that people need to be reminded of....Thanks Noah
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