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Credit Report Issues/Buying A House
Hi everyone,
I recently got my credit reports (March 4) and found a wrong address listed (in a state I have never even been to), and two collections that I do not recognize, and assume go with the incorrect address. I immediately used Suze's credit agency letter writing tool and pointed out these problems to each of the agencies. Also on these reports were late payments on my three credit cards, each of which were nearly at the limit.
I paid these three in full with a miraculous bonus I got from my job this week. Should I close these cards, or just leave them sealed in an envelope until I get a mortgage for a house we found that we want to buy? Also, how much of a change in score can I expect from having these collections (there are 2) removed and having the cards paid up? Does anyone have any idea? My scores are in the high 500s and very low 600s.
Thank you very much!