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Re: CC Payoff Tactics

bobkelly wrote:
Certainlly doesn't hurt to demand credit card companies to lower your rates.  It can be part of a tactic  to lower or perhaps eliminate your debts one day.  Still, for most borrowers, time can be a bigger obstacle in overcoming debt.  If it's paid in full, it won't matter what your interest rate was. 
For that matter, your FICO score won't matter much if you're not planning on getting in the lifelong debt trap.  Do you think Bill Gates cares about his FICO score?
(BTW, Noah hates me so I'm sure he will disagree, and loudly I might add.  Probably a cheap shot with a dose of bad humor to boot. )

Noah is not racist. He hates everyone equally. Smiley Tongue
Seriously though, no one has anything against you. But this is not the site to post the same message over and over again with a ginormous font. People are here to build their scores, if they want debt advice they will ask for it.