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Course of action for very recent medical collection.
I found a medical collection letter that was misplaced (somehow my exwife got it instead of me.)  Anyway, It was dated 1/16/07.   I found it a few days ago and called immediately.  They said, I was too late, it was reported 2/28.  Since it was so recent, and it was only $100 and I had the explanation about me not seeing it till now, I figured they'd make an exception in my case and give me a delete if I paid.  I called 4 times and spoke with the supervisor.  I explained that this bill was 1 of over 100 medical bills I've paid in the last year so I should get a break if just 1 slips through the cracks.  She said that there is no way that she would delete.  I have not paid it yet, hoping I can come up with some other angle on this.  She said the only exception they make is if they get the letter returned but that didn't happen.  My first question is, how long do I have before this wreaks havoc?  It hasn't shown up yet but I don't know how long it takes.
<BR>Second, this account is medical related (I know FICO doesn't care), only $100 (again FICO doesn't care this might as well be a $3000 credit card) and was reported very recently.  I wonder if any of these factors can play out in my favor if I go about this the right way.  Is there anything the original doctor's office?  I know that the collection was actually sold to the agency.  Even if I gave the doctor's office my explanation I don't know if they have the power to recall it.  What is my best course of action?  Should I hold out for a delete or just pay it?  Should I try to pay it through the doctor's office or is that probably a lost cause?