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Re: How maxed out cards affect your FICO
Util is key! I'm also thinking my credit profile is aging gracefully. I noticed that in months that I paid on time and maybe slightly more than the min my fico barely moved. As I said I paid off ten but I know it will take awhile before I see all the results of the paydowns due to statement cuts and when they report to the bureau. On my equifax still nothing has updated. On TU two cards have updated and also an old collection (paid) fell off and I saw an increase of approx 56 points in five weeks! My Experian has increased approx 39 points on this bureau I show only 1 account updated and 1 paid collection fell off. Also, this bureau and equifax lists all my cc where as tu does not. Equifax has updated yet for whatever reason so I'm still waiting. Even with the big boosts I haven't reached my goal but when you play by fico rules you will eventually win Smiley Happy
I know over the course of the next 45 days I should continue to see marked improvement in my FICO. I'll continue to keep you posted.