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Re: Should an account of my wifes be on my credit report?

focused07 wrote:
I am in the same boat (I am an AU on my husband's card and there is one 30 day late payment that is reporting to my CR) and was about to write a GW letter but wonder if I would get faster, better results by disputing. There is otherwise a perfect payment history on this card. The account is about 5-6 yrs old but I have others and it's currently reporting as "closed by the consumer" - so not sure it's doing anything but hurting my score right now anyway.

Lates hurt until they drop. The amount of hurt fades with time.
Have your husband pursue GW. If your husband can get GW, it's almost assured they will delete the TL altogether rather than delete only the late.
You can hold out and see whether your husband can get them to delete only the late, but as I say it's not likely. But I would go ahead and dispute it off your CRs since you're an AU.