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Re: Should an account of my wifes be on my credit report?

focused07 wrote:
So are you recommending that I should have my husband send a GW letter to them?  Or should I dispute the tradeline as not mine?  I have prepared the GW letter and I am ready to send.  Can I do both simultaneously (the GW and the dispute as not mine)?  If I go the "not mine" route, do I indicate anywhere in the letter that I am an AU on the account?

Your husband should pursue GW, and that may or may not come to pass.
But you can dispute this away without any problem since it's an AU account for you. Either online or in a letter. You can tell 'em either not mine or you're only an AU.
The only way an adverse AU account of a spouse can be reported on the AU spouse's CR is if the married couple resides in a community property state (Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, or Wisconsin) and the account was acquired "within the marital community." However, even if you're in a community property state, I would still dispute it as not mine or AU account. Not every OC is aware of community property statutes. They might just see AU and think, "uh-oh, don't wanna be another $100K Johnson v. MBNA."