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Re: Should an account of my wifes be on my credit report?

fused111 wrote:

SavannahMan wrote:
My wife openeda credit card account with a dept. store before we married. After we got married she added me to the account as an authorized user although I have never used the acccount. This account now shows up on my credit report although I did'nt sign any agreement with this company.
Is this legal? and can I have it removed even though we are still married?

Yes, this is legal and you potentially benefit from it.  The fact that your wife did this and is it legal, not sure.  But after reading this post, you shouldn't care.  Read on...By being an AU on your wife's dept store card and assuming there is nothing negative being reported on this card, you have a nice aging tradeline (TL) reporting on you credit reports.  If however, something is negative on this tl then it will ding your score.  If everything is positive, do not remove yourself as an AU.  You could potentially take a major hit to your scores.  By the way, do you know your FICO scores.

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