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Re: Should an account of my wifes be on my credit report?
I've done them here and at TC through their online dispute process.  You can print out a copy of exactly what you've disputed and when they are done with their investigation they email you the results along with a link to view more info regarding the decisions.
EQ still requires a letter and if you dispute EQ at myfico you can print out a letter that needs the last 4 of your SS# and your signature and it's ready to mail with all your dispute info on it.
I've run into a little trouble at TU as I'm going over reports.  There were 2 other things that I needed to dispute and tried to go in and it won't let me dispute.  We just got the results from the 1st dispute today and yesterday.  I don't know why I'm not being allowed to dispute again.  The 2 things I need to dispute weren't included on the first dispute.  I guess I'll try again tomorrow or just send them a letter.
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