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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Yes Dear   Smiley Very Happy

I never really bothered about my credit, I knew I was paying bills on time and had only a store card and a gas card.  I refinanced my house a couple of years ago and got a very good rate (long history with the company, cut length of mortgage dramatically, got a very low rate).  I was a little surprised at how low my credit score was when I did it, so I thought I should get a credit card to have a real CC on my report, and I was turned down for one.  This was a little bit of a wake up call, so I went and got a CC from my local Credit Union, and kept paying bills on time.  Then last December it seemed as though I might move house, talked to my mortgage company and got pre-approved for a new mortgage and was horrified to find out that after 5 years of perfect payments I still had low credit scores.


I then started doing some of the right things (more by guesswork than good judgment) and started disputing that which was incorrect.  Then this board was formed, and suddenly a wealth of information became available to me.  I disputed more, discovered the importance of utilization (it was clobbering me despite the fact I PIFfed all the time), discovered that I hated Cingular, found out what cards I could get because I knew what scores they required and which CRs they pulled, and straightened things out


Results – 4 years of perfect payment, EQ FICO goes up about 50 points. 


This board opens, and since then – EQ FICO goes up 94 points


December 06 – TU FICO 681

July 07 – TU FICO 803


EX hates me


My version of the secrets of high scores.

1 – fiscal responsibility.  If you spend more than you earn you will never get there

2 – learn the rules.  They are not always obvious (e.g., high util and PIF is bad, low util and carrying a balance better).  Play the game, and if you follow (1) above, it is a game.

3 – watch those inqs, and never get a new cell phone  Smiley Happy

4 – TIME is your friend


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