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Re: Converting Skymiles to Clear or Blue...

db23 wrote:
To "combine" an amex the easiest way to to go online and reallocate all but $1000 to the card you want to keep then call and cancel the card you don't want, you'll lose $1000 worth of CL this way though.

AMEX really give YOU a line of credit, then allows you to allocate the limits to your cards as you see fit. This is once you have the card that is.

I don't want to apply for another Amex card when I rarely use my Blue now. I requested for a CLI a couple of days ago and they said they need some time to consider this and that it may take 7-10 business days... I just want them to match my existing highest limit (which is only 7.5k). I called their automated system today and it said that Amex generally gives you a CLI every 30 days which is so awesome. lol. But none for me I guess. :smileysad: