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Having trouble understanding when items will come off my credit report.
I'm starting to rebuild my credit after damaging it with a few college credit cards about 7 years ago. There are two specific accounts that are delinquent or in collection. One is a collection, the dates being reported are as follows. date last active 9/1/2000 date assigned 9/1/2003 date reported 1/1/2007 Which of these dates starts the 7 year timer? When I look at the "what's hurting my score" information it says that my most recent collection was 3 years ago even though the account was closed nearly 7 years ago. I also have another account listed under "credit accounts" that does not include an opened date but it says that the last payment was made in 7/2000. When will this come off of my credit report? One other question I had was in regards to disputing information on my report. I believe that one of the credit reporting agencies has incorrect dates for my account information and I don't have any documentation to prove that they are incorrect, can I submit information regarding the same account from a different credit bureau to dispute the dates? Thanks in advance for the help, it is greatly appreciated.