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Re: Having trouble understanding when items will come off my credit report.
They usually are removed the month before that date of last activity. For example - DLA 07/2000. The credit bureau sometimes will delete the baddie in 06/2007.I think that they do this to cover there tail because they are not allowed to report certain negatives over 7 years. Which in our case is a good thing !  But sometimes it is not removed and at and you will have to call the CRA"S to make them aware of the problem.  As for the removal date not being reported on your CR, you can call the CRA"S and have them check thier internal database and they can tell you what the removal date is. just prey that it is that correct date.
I had one collection be removed from two of the CRA's as it expired at the correct time, but the third CRA had the removal date 3 years newer that the other two. It took me a couple of months to get it taken care of !