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Myfico scores matched Fico scores run by lender the same week
     After checking all three of my fico scores two weeks ago TU-666, EFX-663, and EXP-650 on, I let a lender run my credit report that same week and he said that my scores were all the same except my EXP was 656 instead of 650.  But there was a couple of days in between I had the lender run my credit report, and maybe one of the accounts I paid down the previous month updated within those two days.
    Since I didn't understand what my middle score of 663 meant, I instantly found  out that in California that meant that I would qualify as an Alt-A prime rate customer. If I am not mistaken, you need to be at 680 or above to be considered prime. But  I could stil be able to get a loan without a prepayment penalty and be considered prime with a middle score of 663.
   With that middle score, I was told that practically any lender could find me a loan with a rate of 6.12% with a 1/2 point buy down. But since I have a pre-payment penalty I am going to wait until next year hopefully having my middle  FICO above 700.