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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone that contributes here.  I wouldn't be making this post if it weren't for all of you and your knowledge.  I wanted to share with everyone the results I've had repairing DH's CR.  We began pulling his CRs in February of this year.  The only thing I knew was it was BAD but I didn't have a clue as to where to begin to correct the problem ~ until I found this site!  Here is a quick breakdown of what has happend in just a few months:
Homecoming Financial ~ FC as of April 04.  Reporting balance of 92k in Feb07 on all 3 reports.  As of today the balance has been wiped out.  It is being reported correctly on EX but EQ and TU still show pay status as 120 days late instead of foreclosure.  Disputing that at this time.
HSBC Auto ~ CO/REPO as of June 04.  Disputed as belonging to his exwife and EQ deleted account.  Disputing again thru EX and TU and have also sent a GW.
Bank One/Chase Home Finance ~ GW letter sent to remove 3 30 day lates.  They wrote back asking for more info as they couldn't find the account # in their system.  Sent them what they asked for last week still waiting to hear back.
Midland Credit Management ~ $233 balance OC SWB.  Disputed thru CRA's verified.  Sent DV last week.  Got the green card back today.  Hopefully they'll just delete them.
IC Systems ~ OC Mann Eye Center $190 balance.  Disputed thru CRA's verified.  Sent DV last week.  Haven't received green card back but account was deleted from EQ last week and today from EX.  Hopefully TU will follow suit soon!
Hilco Receivables (CA for Toyota Repo) DELETED
Thornton Financial Services (Dodge Repo) DELETED
Encore Receivables (Duplicate SWB acct) DELETED
NCO Medclear (Medical CA) DELETED
NCO-Medclear (Medical CA)DELETED
Postive TL's
Ford Motor Credit ~ paid/closed never late
CCCU- $500
Home Depot $500
AFCU $1000
Here's hoping that we continue to have such good luck in the rest of this process.  DH's FACOs tonight were TU 584 EX 525 EQ 550.  His FICOs from 8/17 were TU 587 EX 620 EQ 584.  I'm hoping that next month when I pull FICO we will see a good size jump in scores.  Also plan on paying down the CCCU and HD cards to 10% and applying for a couple more good CCs.
Anywho...thanks again everyone!!  Sometimes when I get frustrated with the process I have to stop and look at all we've accomplished in such a very short time frame.  Y'all are wonderful and this is such a great place for support!
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