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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
I haven't been on this board too long, but I've had amazing results.  I was a person who never thought my credit could be cleaned up.  I had given up trying to clean it up.   I figured I'd just wait the seven or ten years until information fell off my report and try to start over again.   Due to some medical problems in my life and some other issues my credit report tended to look like something I never wanted to see or deal with.
So, I found this board and read everything I could find that I thought could help me.  I decided to try two strategies so I started disputing debts and writing goodwill letters.   Since doing that (and again, it hasn't been that long).  I've had two Providian accounts deleted from my credit report, two judgements deleted from my credit report, and a Capital One account deleted.  I really never thought something like that was possible.
In studying all the information here it was like a huge door opened up for me.   One thing I learned is to not keep my credit cards charged up to the limits.  I'm famous for doing that.  If they credit is there, why not spend it?  Well, now I KNOW why not to spend it.<g>  I never knew that spending so much on a credit card could affect the credit score.   Little things like that can mean a LOT!
So, my short time here has been so productive, and I plan on staying on this board for a long time to come.
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