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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Good Afternoon Everyone,
I am here today to share my progress during my stay here.  I started sad, depressed, lost...I could go on easily but i wont.  I now know enough to guide others all thank you every single one of you on this board.  I have some favorites but i wont list them as it my stir some jealousy
I have managed to get rid of 5 baddies(2 CO, 2 Collection, 1 Public Record), and neatly organized my reports one by one patiently.  I only have one late payment on a closed account with providian which they wont remove.  But its a nearly 6 years old late.
Begining early 2006 i could not even get a secured Credit Card.  Not because i did not make enough money, but because my credit was so ugly, so bad, they almost called the security guard to escort me out every time.  I started with GW letters and tried to reopen some old accounts at fauld and managed to ged baddies deleted and account broughto current status.  Today I am offered credit lines that I turn down too high for my liking.
My Cards:
American Epress Plutinum Charge Card
American Express Blue Cash      $10,000.00
Bank Of America  Visa Signature $18,000.00
Carnival Sea Miles MC                  $15,000.00
Citi Devident MC - Approved, Don't know the limit yet
Dicover More - Approved, Don't know limit yet
*Working on a few others and got rid of my Started capital one.
I got married this past Januarry, was able to get a good Mortgage with Chase withing 2 - 3 months following the various advice on this board.  I am working on my Utilization (50% right now).  Hopefully my scores Fico scores will hit 700 jut like my facos, all in the 700's.
Lessons Learned:
Be patient, very patient and be nice
2. Don't be afraid of trying a GW Letters or other suggested methods here.
3. Read anything that "Tuscani","Brammy" and a few others post.  Even if its bad hahaha.  just read it Because it will probably increse your score just from doing so.
4. Join "The Sleigh Center" if you can't stop applying. I never needed it, but I love being there.
Thank you:
I would like to tank everyone for all their help.
Below are my EQ Fico Scores over time.
9/13/2007 666  <--- Whats with this number?
9/6/2007 671
8/26/2007 653
7/12/2007 658
6/14/2007 665
6/7/2007 680
4/29/2007 673
4/25/2007 672
4/18/2007 671
4/17/2007 687
3/30/2007 681
3/12/2007 671
3/4/2007 658
2/15/2007 638
2/9/2007 661
2/4/2007 664
1/25/2007 672
1/12/2007 675
1/7/2007 672
1/2/2007 669
9/9/2006 644
7/23/2006 595
Good Luck to all,
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