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Re: Thank you myFiCO!!!
The advice/opinions offered in all of these threads in the forum, WORK! I pulled a TU cr(dtd 9/18/07), and was horrified to see an old Sam's Club account balance of $16 was charged off wayyyyy back in Jan.2005. (Sam's Club handled by GEMb...yeah I know the reputation they have). I FINALLY got a good telephone # and called them and FINALLY got a live person to talk to...explained the situation to her. After 15 min. of research, and confusion on her part she said "you were not given credit of $11.00, and I'll delete the balance of $5.00 because of the age......PLUS.....I will delete the 'collection item' from your credit reports!" Hey! the system works! and I learned it all here at myFiCO forums! THANK YOU myFiCO! Today...TU: December, hopefully 700! yayyyyy. Thought you all would want to know. Sylvia
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