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Should have posted this here :)
This is the progress I have made using a combo of TU and MyFico since 05/07.  One AFNI removed (falsely re-ageing account), double listed Judgement removed, outdated Judgement removed, outdated collection removed, one PFD w/ Comcast, $15,000 in new TL added lowering UTL%, corrected Suffix on Name, and corrected past addresses.  One loophole I found is if an old account that is not being updated by OC or CA and they have your name wrong or the address they are using is incorrect the TL will be deleted if you have those corrected before you dispute the TL.  If I had it to do all over again I would make sure all names and addresses are correct before disputing TL's.  Once they are corrected check your CR and go from there.  You have to pull the report directly from CRA to get all listed adresses and names.
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