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One small step...
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I am in the beginning stages of rebuilding my credit but I want to share the experience I have had so far...
I signed up on MyFico on 9/5/07 and got to work right away. I disputed some unauthorized inquiries (deleted: raised my score 8 pts), sent out GW letters to Cap1 and several paid collections ( and disputed an old unpaid collection on EQ.
Cap1 responded with a standard denial of my GW, Falls Collection Services sent me an itemized list of my payments in response to GW (wth??) and EQ verified my unpaid collection, changed the status to "Paid" but did not delete (this was a joint account with two roommates, someone else must have paid it...I will be doing a MOV when I get my updated EQ report in the mail...). After all of this I was getting pretty discouraged--no positive results for my hard work! Then, yesterday in the mail I received a letter from Certified Services Inc regarding TWO (2) paid collections I have with them. Here is their response to my GW:
" Accts: xxxxxx amd xxxxx will both be removed from the credit bureaus. This process take a few weeks so please be patient. The check for $1 will not be cashed."
WOO HOO! While I know the "few weeks" line is b.s., I am so glad to be finally making some progress! TWO collections about to be deleted! Thank you MyFico! I will not give up on the rest of the COs, I am going to GW them like they have never been GW'd before!
BTW, the $1 check is in reference to some interest I still had left to pay on one of the collections. Months ago I sent a check for the remaining balance and thought I had paid it in full. The Certified Services listed the CO as "Legally settled for less than the full balance". I know I took a gamble sending them the check for $1 but I wanted to prove to them I want to pay my debts! It worked and they sent the check back!

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