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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Thanks to this forum I got a big boost.

$5000 Hooters - 18.2% APR
$6000 Kay Jewelers - some ridiculous store credit APR (sock drawer card)
$1000 Juniper - 8.99% APR (applied right before I came to the forums but it was my call after that got an underwriter to approve me. I got 5 of my chargeoffs removed or dropped since then and the last one comes off in January so they just got a recon letter with proof of the chargeoffs being gone.)

Was approved for $2000 NASA but they won't give me the card because I'm self employed and my P&L is negative due to my business writeoffs.

$5000 BOA Business - Prime + 10.99% (applied before the forum but sent a recon with the same proof of chargeoffs being dropped)

Transferred Orchard Bank, WAMU and Wells Financial balances to Hoots and BOA card.

Rejected by Exxon for my business, Officemax for my business, Lowes for my business. I wish Equifax and Experian were as efficient as TU with removals. They all got recon letters so I may get one or two changed.

Rejected by GEICO though it's Merrick like Hoots. Don't need it anyway.

Also got a new car at 11% and traded in my Wells Financial 21% loan. Will refi with NASA as soon as I get these unnecessary warranties removed from the loan amount.

The forum changed my way of looking at things and gave me more options that I never knew existed like Hooters, Kay and NASA. And I never sent a recon letter before, always disputes.

My new credit should offset the drop in score since it gives me a lot more available credit. 3 accounts have shown of the 5 and I only lost 1 point Equifax as of Sunday but I just received an alert that I gained 8 points.

And to add to the triumph as I call it. I called Hooters to see the limit increase policy and they said they review every month but while on that call they asked my salary and verified my social and gave me a $1250 increase and the account is only 2 weeks old.
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