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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
In Dec 06 I had an Amex Gold Rewards card that I used to the tune of 2500 per month.  They decided to pull my credit score when I was coming off a couple very rough months, and what they got back was a dismal 498 tu score (ack - wake up call to Carol!).  Despite never being late with my payments to them, they cancelled my card (at Christmas too :-(  ).
Now, 10 short months later - and with a lot of valuable information garnered from this site, my scores are ex 702, eq 712, tu 714 (yes, CLU is VERY VERY IMPORTANT).  When my score was 498 (TU), I was utilizing right around the 97% mark and had several recent 30-day lates - no other type of "baddie."  I have brought my util down to 0 but continue to use the cards and have removed many of the lates.  The most recent lates, of course, are the hardest to remove, but time will pass on those too.
from 498 to 714 in 10 months.  I would never thought it possible.  Pay down those balances priority number 1!!!
I've just received my new Amex Blue (3500 cl)
Jan 07: tu 498, ex 501, eq 504
Oct 07: tu 716, ex 712, eq 723
Nov 07: tu 693, ex 664, eq 672_post app frenzy