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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

In March 2007, DW and I were paying on an AMEX account in default. Also paying on a Penfed collection. We were renting an 1100 sf apartment (me, DW, 2 kids, 2 cats, all our junk). My FICOs were in the high 500s. DW's FICOs were in the low 600s. We had about $5K in CC debt and about $5,500 in available CC CL.

Today the AMEX default is PIF, and DW has 3 AMEX CCs. The default was deleted off the CRs. The Penfed collection is PIF. We closed on a 1780 sf house in September. My FICOs are all right about at 650. DW's FICOs are high 600s to low 700s. We have about $4,500 in CC debt (most of it acquired since buying the house) and just over $50K in available CC CL.