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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
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gps wrote:
Ex-GF? Filed a complaint with police, but no progress there. It seems she had bills sent to my apartment to get them, and changed addresses to imaginary addresses afterward. She lives "under the table" and isn't locatable. Serves me right for getting involved in the first place, but at least the damage was minimal
My debt is absurdly low, ($3,800 in CC debt, 18,500 remaining on auto loan.) Util is about 80% - working on that over the next 3 months. I was never a major CC kind of guy, so don't have much debt, OR history...

For the ex-GF, might be worthwhile to take a whack at tracking her down and turning her in, but then I'm vindictive that way. I've recently used Intelius, one of the data mining/quasi CRAs (though not truly a CRA under FCRA, near as I can tell). I signed up for Intelius "Club Membership" which gives me a 10% discount on all purchases for a year. Used it a couple of times. Interesting and generally useful results--although you have to weed out a lot of chaff to get at the wheat.
Another is reknowned PI Joe Culligan. $325 and they will find someone in 14 days or your money back. For extra you can get a death file check and a criminal records check. Thought I was gonna have to use them recently.
The 80% util on CC debt is definitely hurting you. Get that down under 30%, or a mortgage lender likely ain't even gonna talk with you. Once you get it under 50%, I suspect you can start applying my CC Tactics. See my sig.
I'd also try a couple of CC apps. Check out the friendly CCC link in my sig.

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