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Question about Experian SCOREX Plus Score?
Does anyone know anything about this score?  The reason I ask is because I am trying to refinance a loan I have with and they use this score, which is hugely different than the Experian Plus score.  For some reason Prosper has put me in the 520-559 (High Risk) category, and yet my Experian Plus Score ranges from 630-640.  When you call them, there is an automated message explaining that this is a score businesses use and can be different from your Plus Score.
Also, when I Googled this most of the info was geared towards businesses, and I did not see anywhere the consumer can obtain this score.  I always wondered why whenever I've applied for credit (recently an auto lease they told me my Scores where in the 580 range.  Yet, when I pulled my own scores the same day they were all in the the 630-640 range.  Just wondered what is going on here.  I guess the scores we get from pulling our own credit are totally incorrect and useless???
Can anybody explain?  Thanks in advance!