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Question about Experian SCOREX Plus Score?
Does anyone know anything about this score?  The reason I ask is because I am trying to refinance a loan I have with and they use this score, which is hugely different than the Experian Plus score.  For some reason Prosper has put me in the 520-559 (High Risk) category, and yet my Experian Plus Score ranges from 630-640.  When you call them, there is an automated message explaining that this is a score businesses use and can be different from your Plus Score.
Also, when I Googled this most of the info was geared towards businesses, and I did not see anywhere the consumer can obtain this score.  I always wondered why whenever I've applied for credit (recently an auto lease they told me my Scores where in the 580 range.  Yet, when I pulled my own scores the same day they were all in the the 630-640 range.  Just wondered what is going on here.  I guess the scores we get from pulling our own credit are totally incorrect and useless???
Can anybody explain?  Thanks in advance!
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Re: Question about Experian SCOREX Plus Score?
I don't know about the Experian Scorex PLUS Score, but for sure, your other scores are not the scores that most lenders use. I'm sorry that you've gotten burned by this.

I found this about Scorex on Experian's website:
Superior risk prediction
Until now, lenders have only had two options for effective risk scoring. Use a traditional bureau risk model that falls short in predictability or invest in a more predictive, but much more costly custom model. By using a proprietary development technique that mimics custom model development, Scorex PLUS provides a superior, more cost-effective solution. In multiple market validations with traditional risk models, Scorex PLUS performed better in over 90 percent of the head-to-head comparisons. These results demonstrated Scorex PLUS provided a stronger separation of good and bad accounts and classified more bad accounts into the worst-scoring ranges.
It looks like this is Experian's attempt to come up with competition for FICO scores.

I don't know if the Scorex PLUS score has even the slightest correlation with FICO scores, but the regular PLUS score is not used by many lenders. Does give any guidance about why they chose Scorex? I'm sure that they get lots of baffled applicants.
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Re: Question about Experian SCOREX Plus Score?
Not sure why they use this-have never been able to get a live person over the phone!
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Re: Question about Experian SCOREX Plus Score?

I just checked mine... Scorex Plus = 651  Equifax website 667

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Re: Question about Experian SCOREX Plus Score?

Do you know how to get your own scorex score?  They seem to be using this score to be approved for apartment rentals.  Since there is an application fee involved with apartment rentals now, I would like to know my own score in order to know whether it is worth applying to some apartments or not.

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Re: Question about Experian SCOREX Plus Score?

This thread is several years old.  You can google Scorex and see what you find.  I have never heard of it.





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Re: Question about Experian SCOREX Plus Score?

Last time I checked, CreditKeeper offers ScoreX Plus in their CMS, and is/was being resold and rebranded by some HSBC-based credit products. I can't speak to apartments, but ScoreX Plus is used by some creditors, but it's uber-rare. is the only one that comes in mind.