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Re: 1 less credit card
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Answering both question I have about 13 active accounts. Some with a balance and others without a balance. I got my information from experian and a myfico report. Experian is a real pain ( the lowest score 656):smileymad:.
However, something elese good happened when closing the blue account. I asked for a cli. They said it would take 7 to 10 days for results:smileyindifferent:. But, I got it. viewed the account and they have already added the increase:smileyvery-happy: 
So this makes my utilization with them look alot better. The blue had zero balance, and about 1200.00 with delta. Things are starting to look alittle better on utili side as I pay-off everything. Thanks All.
I do not write many question or contribute to often. But reading and learning is done quite often. I help when I can

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