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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
More to Add...
1.  In general, the credit report can be used within 60 days depending on which bank that you deal with.   
2.  Credit score calculated based on different "Model", different "Factor" so even you get your own credit report from different agencies in the same day, you credit score from the same credit bureau maybe different...
3.  Normally you can "Control" your credit score to be higher (up), by doing this...use only few credit cards (2-3), if you ever need to owe the balance, just owe 1 or 2 cards and pay off to zero balance on all other cards, consolidate 3-4 credit lines together to one card (if they are issued by the same bank) and use that higher credit lines card only...
4.  Credit card company (Bank) only report your credit status once a month, within 7 days after your statement closing day to the credit bureau (Exp-EqX-TU).
5.  For those daily credit monitoring program, your credit score on the 3in1 report only update once a month even you pull your own report everyday, try it for yourself you will see the trick, unless you pay the fee each time to request the "real credit report" from the agency like Mortgage Fax Inc. (Fanny Mae) authorized.