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Re: Non Authorized Inq Letter

PayYouNever wrote:
Noah, here's a question. A company called Sequoia Financial has a collections account on me, which they opened in April of this year. Then in August of this year that made what I believe in an Non-Authorized INQ, for what I have no idea?

My plan was to send Tuscani's Pay Me Lowlife letter this weekend CMRRR, but you've been talking about suing the CA. Under what grounds would I sue in small claims court? Obviously I'm looking for $1000 in damages, but does the CA have a PP considering I wasn't looking for credit from them, nor did I authorize them to look at my CBR. I was in contact with them regarding a late payment, but nothing else. Does that constitute PP?

Masdeocho, do you know the Washington state case? Because I want to sue this company in small claims court for the $1000, as they had NO RIGHT to do a Hard Inq. I wasn't looking for credit, employment or anything else. I think the CA wanted to see what my CBR looked like in regard to trying to determine where they would stand if they sued me to collect the debt; I do have an unpaid federal tax lien, meaning they're second in-line in any court case and there's also an unpaid judgment after that, so.... they're coming in a distant third. But that doesn't excuse the fact that they Hard Inq'd me.

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Here's the thread that discusses this case:
You'll need a lawyer's advice as to whether this will work in your situation.  There also is the question of whether you sue in Small Claims or Fedeal court -- somewhere there is a looooooooong boring thread about that. Good luck and let us know what happens!
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