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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Oh my. Does Nemblett pay for ANYTHING? Is there a moral compass at all that says that because this person charged all of this debt up, it's their responsibility to, you know, pay it off? Walking away from bills? Walking away from cards when you kept the items bought? Dishonest. Wrong. Immoral. Deceitful. How does this person sleep? What's more: all they're worried about is-- their FICO score? This behavior is practically sociopathic. There is no sense of right and wrong. How about paying off the old debt without settling because I'm not a slug of a human being sucking the system dry because I'm so dishonorable I need a FICO score to determine my self worth? How about getting a job and actually paying for what you purchase? Then you don't have to worry about a FICO score. Someone please tell me this is a joke. Does anyone see anything wrong with this behavior? Hard working people like myself get messed over because of people like these. I hope this person is arrested for fraud. Spread sheets. Please. Get a JOB.