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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
I completely agree with you....some of the stories on this site do make me cringe, as you can see in some of my posts on this topic I felt very strong I owed money to people, and they deserved it.  I posted something similar in another thread (someone bragging about a credit card) and someone brought up the purpose of this forum is to know your rights, and that there are a lot of illegal and disreputable collection agencies and tactics out there.  I have learned a lot from these forums, and there are things I am going to try (for example, one of my paid off bills shows me 90 days late 25 times, even though I was paying thru a debt management plan on time every month) to correct and clean up my accounts.  But, I never plan on getting into this mess again, and some of the posters do scare me.....Its does seem to be about a number, and not responsibility.

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