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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
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I'm very positive.

I'm positive that if you focus your financial intensity on maximizing your FICO score instead of maximizing your net worth, you will be broke.

I'm positive that it's wrong to not pay for things that you purchase.

I'm positive that if you don't save for retirement today, you'll be working for a long, long time.

I'm positive that everyone will have a significant negative financial event in the next ten years, and I'm positive that the best way to be ready for that event is to save cash today in an emergency fund.

I'm positive the S & P 500 index has averaged over 12% growth since 1975. I'm also positive about how its correlating index funds work.

I'm also positive that if you challenge the credit bureau to remove a negative mark on your credit that you know to be true, it is called criminal fraud.

And I'm positive that the OP doesn't have much of a conscience. If they did, they wouldn't run from bills they honestly owed. The rest of us get billed when someone misbehaves.

Oh, and I'm positive my credit score is 866, and I'm positive it's that high because I've foolishly spent too much on credit cards in my past, and I'm positive I haven't touched a credit card in over three years.

Some advice from an older guy, who's turned it around in a positive way, after years of charging a lot of money ($170,000 dollars) on credit cards. That's a real success story.

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