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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

Do you recommend to folks to live off of a credit card?

Are you saying it's unwise to keep an emergency fund?

Is free miles and cash back a good strategy to build wealth?

Is playing the lottery a smart use of money?

Is it wiser to get 2% cash back on a credit card, or use compound interest to save?

Should people rely on Social Security to retire?

Is leasing a new car a smart move or is it better to purchase used, pay off, and own your vehicle?

Should you measure wealth by net worth (defined earlier) or FICO score? Or is your credit limit the best measure?

How do you define winning financially?

Should people spend $300 dollars each month on a car payment, or invest $200 dollars a month in an index fund?

Is charging off an account, applying for bankruptcy, or walking away from your bills a proper way to conduct your personal finance?

I'd be interested to hear these answers.