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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
On the car issue, if I didnt run up so much debt when I was younger, I would have purchased a new car and paid if off quickly so I could have years of no payments and a rdie in good condition.
By the summer, I will be out of a really bad truck loan and I will go the 2 year lease route.  Lower payments,good  car warranty, no long term comitment and a better car.
There are good pro's and con's of lease vs. buy.  Its all in what you want to accomplish and whats important to you.
Being able to make the choice whether to lease vs buy, being able to get the car you really want, and not being at the mercy of the dealer because of poor credit and or poor knowledge is an acomplishment in itself.  For me, that was a goal I never really thought too much about until recently and I can't wait to go to the dealer in this summer and show no mercy.
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